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Are you looking for a great transcriptionist to transcribe your audio or video file? Are you looking to outsource your transcription project, then you are in the right place.  Our company is here to give you a cost-effective way to help you save money. Every dollar saved can be put back as added capital for your business. 

Well, this is for YOU... read on

This transcription service website was built just with YOU in mind for us to have a long lasting business relationship.  We want to help you achieve your goals so you might have the ability to leverage your podcast recording or any recording for that matter into something much more profitable for your business.  

Reasons Why You Need Expert Transcritionists Do Your Transcription Project

Let us show why you need to let us transcribe your audio or video file and help you grow your business through quality transcription of your dictation. 

We specialize in this profession and have helped hundreds of clients over a 5-year period of our transcription career, so we know that we would be able to help you grow your business.

First - Difficult to do

We know how difficult it is to transcribe dictations.  There are several factors you need to consider for transcribing audio/video files that even at the present time voice recognition software is having difficulty doing.  Believe me, I've seen one made with that kind of software.  It's gibberish, and it would not be accurate especially if you have background noises going on in the background.  It takes a seasoned and experienced transcriptionist/editor to distinguish the interview from the rest of irrelevant sounds.

Second - Time consuming

It takes hours and hours just to transcribe one single dictation or MP3 that runs an hour long.  It's really difficult if you are not passionate about these things.  It's also time consuming.  It will take away time, and as business owner, your time is so precious to you, so you really need an expert transcriptionist to do this job for you, and it's us you need to do that for you.

Third - Saves you money

Now, if you let us do your podcast or video or audio file or even the entire transcription project you have, it can save you money since we charge a very reasonable amount for this service.  It's MONEY you would have spent to other transcription service more expensive than what we charge, but with the same quality of service and fast turnaround time too.

What clients say?

Believe me, I have built a reputable business by giving quality service to my clients.  Let's see what my clients have to say...


Money Saved,

Added Capital

For Business

I've been using Joseph's transcription services for nearly a year.  I keep coming back to him over and over again.  I've had hundreds of hours of audio transcribed over the years by a number of different services.  Joseph's is right up with the very best but at a great savings.  If you want quality transcripts on a timely fashion and treated with care and respect, you need to use Joseph's transcription services. 

Dan Swanson

Author, speaker and business adviser

Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis,

Hosts of of even endorsed Joseph Oliveros as their go-to transcriptionist for their podcast. To check out their endorsement, please click HERE

What we can do for you?  

Well, most of our clients are into podcast.  Most of them repurpose their podcast into some other products that they can leverage in their business.  We help them with their podcast transcription needs so that in a way we are helping them grow their business as they help us grow our business.  

We can say that because of the quality of our transcription, they keep coming back and they refer clients too.  We know that you too will refer to us someone from your circle of friends once you let us transcribe for you.  

Our specialty?

Our aim is to add value to your company by way of making quality transcription of your audio or video recording and help you leverage your content through the transcription service we give you.


We have several years of experience in the field of transcription with various transcription companies.  At the peak of his professional career, the owner of this company was promoted to assistant production manager at the company he last worked with and then he decided to stop working the 9 to 5 jobs and instead focus on his freelancing work.  We have developed a great reputation freelancing as a transcription specialist and have built a large clientele of satisfied and great clients.

How is it done?

Client preference on transcription formats and protocol will be given the highest importance. Client satisfaction is of the highest importance and would be number one on our mind when we are making your transcription project.

What audio formats?

  • Audio files can be from any formats, but I prefer to work on MP3 for audios or WAV.
  • Video files can be FLV, MP4 as long as I can load it into my Express Scribe.

How to send the files?

Now, that's a great question to ask.   There are three ways you can send the file to me.

  1. You can email it to us.  After we get to know each other, we will give our my email address.
  2. Through FTP.  If you have an FTP on your website or Cloud, you can give us access to the file so we can download the file straight from your FTP.
  3. We can also use third-party file sharing websites like Dropbox.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on X amount of dollar times the total audio minute of your audio file.  It will be computed on a price per audio minute basis.  We can assure you my transcription service fee is very reasonable and cost-effective. 

Now, where do you pay?

For convenience, PayPal would be the preferred payment method.  It's either you go directly to PayPal and you pay me there, or I can send you an invoice through the PayPal Send Money option.

Hey, how do you contact us?

Just write a message through the
Contact Us page of this website for further information.and our representative will be more than happy to supply you with the information you need.  Just give us 24 hours to respond to you.

Hope to talk to you soon... :-D